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What We Do

Payment Processing

Processing payments have a lot of moving parts, and we handle them all – from securely and accurately collecting payments to issuing refunds, defending against chargebacks, recording and reconciling your transaction data, and managing currency exchange. Mikom acts as your merchant of record, handling all of this and more.

Billing & Invoicing

Consumers and business customers require specific pricing models and billing scenarios – our flexible billing platform makes it easy to configure and manage them all. And with a plethora of payment methods, you can accommodate the many different ways your customers choose to pay.


To sell around the globe, you need to stay on top of sales tax and VAT regulations. We monitor and comply with complex global taxation requirements – in addition to calculating, applying, displaying, collecting and remitting taxes on your behalf.


Your digital e-commerce business is a bustling ecosystem of digital platforms and activities. We synchronize data from your CRM, web analytics, marketing automation tool and more. And our technical expertise lets us accomplish full integration in a matter of days – not months.

Global Compliance

Regulations related to taxation, data privacy, and security get more complicated as you expand globally — and fines for noncompliance can hit your business where it hurts. With dedicated resources and decades of experience in mitigating risk and maintaining global compliance, we manage it all, so you don’t have to.

Subscription Management

Our solutions give you supreme flexibility in configuring and managing all aspects of your subscription business, so you can offer the best possible customer experience and maximize revenue.

Customer Data Management

Every customer interacts with you differently, and you use many different tools to follow along with their experience. Through ongoing API calls, we make it easy to identify the same customer across your business systems. We connect the dots – you get a cohesive, holistic view of your customer data.

Optimization of cross-border payments

This service is especially relevant for authors from countries with strict currency regulation. We generate payments from users of your product and send your money to you according to your needs. Simplifying this for you, the workflow and the reporting process.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

The key to earning customer loyalty is to present them with the most relevant content exactly when they need it. We let you create campaigns for communicating effectively with each customer and then define when they’re triggered, using rich behavioral data. Because before you start a conversation, you need to know who you’re talking to – and what they care about most.


You can use several companies and share revenue between them. Payments to companies with different organizational and legal forms as (Corporation, LLC …) under different contracts (software development, marketing, consulting, system administration, technical support...), in accordance with the requirements of currency control legislation in your country.

Monetize your digital offerings

The health of your global subscription model depends on collecting payments accurately and on a timely basis — in other words: knowing exactly who to bill, for how much, when and via which payment method. We help you manage all of the complexities associated with different pricing models, billing scenarios and payment methods so you can maximize recurring revenue for your business.

Revenue Retention

When a subscription comes up for renewal, the credit card on file may no longer be valid for a variety of reasons – like it expired, or it was replaced due to loss or theft. Our revenue retention tools help reduce churn resulting from outdated credit cards with a proven multi-step approach.

Fraud Prevention

With a one-two punch of leading automatic screening technology and expert fraud analysts, we review every single charge – seven days a week, 365 days a year. By identifying and processing more valid orders up front, we increase service speed and customer satisfaction while proactively protecting your revenue.

Client Success Management

Join forces with a team of global commerce experts committed to your success. Our Client Success Managers work with you as an extension of your team, providing ongoing consultation, best practices, and optimization efforts. The result is an optimized online experience for your customers, which leads to increased acquisition and retention.


When customers see the language, currency and payment methods they expect, they’re more likely to subscribe – which increases your recurring revenue. Use our extensive portfolio to provide customers with a highly localized online experience. Calculate taxes applicable to each region. Define market-specific pricing. Automatically display content based on customer location.

Reporting & Analytics

Advanced reporting is critical for understanding and growing your recurring revenue. Get access to up-to-date visual reports and cohort analysis so you can quickly analyze trends, measure customer satisfaction and identify opportunities for optimization.

Testing & Optimization

Data doesn’t lie, and that’s why we like it. Take the guesswork out of your optimization efforts with hard data derived from integrated testing and cohort analysis. Our experts will help you develop testing strategies, analyze results and put the right optimization efforts in place.

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